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Due to a medical condition last Sept I was forced to sell my black 96 Trans Am, I always told my wife I'd get another one someday, little did I know it would be this soon, looking to pick up next week, a 2000 Firebird Formula, black:thumbsup:, 67000 miles!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:, interior is great with the exception of dash and door panel cracks, exterior and underbody are in awesome shape, should have some pics up next week. I do have a few questions first, the Formula came with a remote, however the used car salesman told me he cant find the remote :craz28: so my question is can I buy any remote for a 2000 Firebird off eBay and program it? Or do I have to go to a dealer??:thumbdown: I'm concerned about the FCC #s on the back, since it doesnt have a remote, are all remotes the same? Also, I'm going to put an exhaust on, I was originally going to go with Loudmouth exhaust but I hear theyre way too loud, does anyone on here have a Hooker cat-back? that's all the questions I have so far, but definitely excited to get back into a Firebird V8.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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