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ignition upgrades

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Looking to upgrade ALL of my ignition components, wanting to go all MSD and wondering what the best spark plugs are. And in detail what components I can/should upgrade? I've done a lot of research but can't find any straight answers on components or plugs.........and curious to if I should look to route my plug wires to OTVC or leave normal routing...I do plan on running ceramic coated longtubes eventuall.

Any input much appreciated. Or just if I could be led in the right direction... Thanks guys!
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What are your overall plans for the motor? Being that you haven't installed longtubes yet I'm guessing performance mods are at a minimum thus far. Really the stock ignition system is plenty strong.
While it might be a good upgrade to put in a MSD opti, unless your opti is already bad there is really no reason to replace it. I guess I could see getting the MSD and keeping the stock one if it still works just in case. IMO I would save that $400+ until you need it.
A lot of people like the OVTC wires with longtubes because it is easier to keep the wires from burning up on the header primaries. Also if you get thicker wires you might not even be able to put them in the stock wire mounting hardware from what I've read some people have said.
I'm not much of a spark plug know-it-all so I'll let someone else chime in on that one.

FWIW on my LE2 355 rebuild I'm spinning to 7k all the time and I have a fairly stock ignition system. My opti is a stock GM opti with a cheap ebay cap and rotor (just under 1500 miles on cap and rotor), stock coil and ICM with 145k miles on it, stock replacement wires from NAPA that I run in the stock routing locations with absolutely zero issues with my stainless longtubes, and NGK TR-55 plugs. Not a hiccup damn near all the way to the PCMs limits..
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Damn. Well, haha, thanks for the info! Currently I have CAI, exhaust, 160 thermostat, shift kit, 3.73 rear, air foil, tb bypass... Ready to change the plugs and I noticed that my opti may be slightly acting up, hit and miss it doesn't wanna turn over at all then I let off and try again and it fires right up... So if incase, just looking to go all out at once haha, but when I change the plugs (still would like some input! Thanks!) I might just get new wires, msd 8.5 and look into OTVC with heat resistant boots......better safe then sorry
Like Formula Joe said, If your stock components are in good condition then
they will work fine. Depending if your opti has alot of miles on it ,then I may say you should replace it with a MSD or a GM Delco or Delphi opti if you can find a GM unit. Make sure you have good new ign.wires and make sure all the connections are free of corrosion. If you want the ultimate their is a system that uses I believe the LS1 type ignition,I think its called the 24x,but not sure. I run a Bailey system on my Roadmaster which is kind of a hybred between the stock and 24x systems. ed
OTVC wires will burn up on stock manifolds. They are for header use. AC-Delco wires in the stock location work well for me.
Well then I'll look into OTVC when I get some LT... Thanks guys, now what about plugs? Recommendations? And gap?
There are a lot of users here that use NGK's 55's but I say stay stay stock unless you have a good reason to move to a colder plug. I.e forced induction, heavy nitrous use etc. Just my basic two cents.
You noted you have a slight starting problem and think it.might be ur opti acting up... I had a silimar issue a while back.. it was a partially clogged fuel filter.. check ur fuel pressure before you blame it on the opti... Just a thought...

I agree with everone else save the $ till yours is shot.. I've heard competing arguements from this forum and lt1 builders alike that there is no definative thought on the opti.. ie stock vs aftermarket.. when the time comes do what ur comfortable with..
Alright thanks guys. Much appreciated.

And yes, I will look into the fuel pressure... Almost 70,000 and I may replace the filter
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