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ignition fuse keeps blowing no start

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94 z tried to leave work today in my car cranked it she started then 1 sec later died then no restart. looked at fuses and ignition fuse was blown threw another in it blew before car even cranked what would cause this?
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i figured a short will check it later today had to tow her home :/ thanks shoebox
It being grounded wrong,a short like shoebox said, wired wrong or not the right size fuse.
well i havent messed with anything the fuse is a 10 so im guessing wiring fixing to go mess with it now
pulled codes dtc 59 trans. would this cause no start
Thats a transmission fluid code.
I wouldnt think that would keeep it from cranking lol
Did the wires turn out to be okay?
Do you have a system hooked up? Or custom neon lights by any chance or custom guages like a tachometer or vice versa?
If so and ur running it from your fuse box my old camaro kept blowing the tailight fuse. And it was a 15. No joke, i put a bigger fuse in it, i belive a 20 or 25 and it worked beautifully NEVER had the prob again.
its no longer blowing fuses its just not starting no power to coil or icm i 12 volt test lighted it
tested terminal d on opti harness reading 34.8 ohms bad opti?
tested terminal d on opti harness reading 34.8 ohms bad opti?
Not necessarily so, if that was the opti harness. Not sure why you are testing there when you said you weren't getting power to the coil or ICM. You need to fix that, first. Power goes directly to the coil from the fuse, loops through the coil and to the ICM.
one thing i noticed on the fuse that i had the issue with was one side had power the other didnt would this trans code 59 cause no start i heard the trans gets power for sensors from the ignition fuse also like to add fuse is no longer blowin
If you are touching the terminals on the top of the fuse and one has power and the other one does not, the fuse is no good.
easiest way I check fuses is with car off use a dvom and set it to audible beep. then set it on the test ports of a fuse. good ones will beep.
Check fuses was bad put new one on ot blew ohm the coil wires they were fine ohm the icm connector ground to engine read .1 could the starter beshorting out
Things that can blow ignition fuse #11 . Shorted coil, shorted icm, shorted wire from ignition switch to ignition fuse, shorted wire from ign fuse to coil, shorted wires from coil to icm. Might even be a short in the electrical part of ignition switch, though it's not as likely as the other suspects, as a short there would usually produce other symptoms as well.

Your problem lies in one of those places. You need to look at the ignition system schematic on shoebox's site, then test each of the components and wires the fuse serves.
The ignition fuse also supplies power to the auto trans. Could be why you have the trans code or even maybe that the wire going to the trans is shorting to ground.
pulled trans harness from trans put new fuse in cranked right up so basically gotta pull the pan and either look for messed up harness wire or bad trans temp sensor which is inside the manual valve switch thing do they see them at the parts store do you by any chance or atleast a gm part number ?
Might have one at a regular parts store, but you have a better chance of getting one from a transmission parts supply house. Or pm our members dynamic396 or cahall. They both own transmission shops and can supply you with what you need.
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