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If i get my car professionally tuned do i need a aftermarket chip

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I'm completely rebuilding my lt1 1994 z28 Camaro. I'm gonna get it dyno and tune. Would there even be a point in buying a aftermarket computer chip?
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nope. there's nowhere to put a chip in your car, it has flash memory soldered onto the board, and it's programmed through the port under the dash.
Ok thanks buddy. I was jw. so once I get tuned that's it computer wise?
On a '94 and up they call them chips, but they are really piggyback modules that in plug in series to a PCM cable. I had one way back when I purchased my Z28 prior to getting into tuning. However stevo is correct a proper tune will do much more and will obsolete any need for the 'Performance Chip'. Sold mine on e-bay after getting my first tune.
Alright thanks bud. That's all I needed to know.
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