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I need help pacesetter headers

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I bought pacesetter longtubes and y pipe all 3 inchs running this into my factory exhaust. I bought the cheaper race off road headers that don't have the bungs or stuff for the egr. I bought egr block off plates and the bungs to install the 02 sensors. When I block off the egr is it in the back of the motor? Also when the stock exhaust manifolds were removed there are the tubes from the pulltion pump. Is there a kit I need to block these off or is it just rubber vaccum plug? I read on here needs a 3/16 plug is that the correct size? also I know I will need a new belt from removing the pump does anyone know what size belt I need? Also is there anything else I need to buy for installing the y pipe and headers that I'm missing. Any help would be great. My Car is 96 TA LT1. All stock until now except for CAI.
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I am assuming from reading your post that you're learning the LT1. The plates are for your manifold. The "pullution pump" air pump can be removed in its entirity if your application is tuned for it or if you have the proper plugs. The pump does not use a belt so no worries there. This said ensure you are doing things in the correct order. If you are installing these headers and removing your emission equipment then you should have a tune. Tuning will greatly decrease your chances of having an issue. What I would do first is all the free mods and work my way towards goals. You said you already have headers which is great but are you using rear o2's? If you're using stock exhaust then your headers aren't doing to much good until you upgrade from stock exhaust. I don't want to babble and it is late and I've been up for 20 hours but tell us your plans, budget and goals and we will definitely get you headed in the correct direction.
USMC- Great reply. This helped me too. Brian- Hope you get everything figured out. Not tryin to jack your thread. Just can't find guys like these everday.
and thanks Kenyan

Thanks for your help.
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