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I need at least 2 24lb injectors or a good deal in whole set

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I have went through my whole fuel system and cleaned, blew out, or exchanged 805 of it, new walbro 255, 4th fuel filter,(now staying clean) 2 fuel regulators, relay, and cleaned rail... Problem is, I found 2 injectors not working, I blew air back though them( as suggested by someone) and 2 would not work, So I need them, Everywhere Ive called has been no luck, I have the car traded for a vette if I fix this, the car only has 65000 miles its a 94 lt1, I replaced broken tranny when i bought it, it had sat for 3 yr. I may keep it if it runs as Ive been told after the fix... as of now it runs the same as my 96 gt mustang lol... so it needs help
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I can get you some stock z28 or my stockers if you like but it would have to wait til this weekend. Let me know if your still interested and we can work out shipping. I will not be trying to make anything off this just doing a favor for a fellow forum member. Let me know
i can spare you a few stockers for sure; i have a bunch on my desk, i've flushed them backwards and forwards with solovent and tested their spray pattern and impedance.

you'll need to use your old o-rings or get a set. these ones weren't very nice.

problem is im in canada, but i can send them as a gift or whatever so you dont pay duty. try to get them from somewhere else closer first. pm me if you need them.
That sounds wonderful, I live in West Jefferson NC, I can pay all shipping cost no problem, and stock are fine, I haven't felt the full power of her yet, a friend of mine drove it and told me it was half of what it did when he seen it 3 yr ago, It has Hyper tech, Flow master 2 1/2 exhaust and only 65,455 miles. It will power brake sideways at 1300rpm, but full throttle it wont bark 2nd gear even after firmness was set on tranny, I bought it with no transmission and 1/2 tank of dead gas, Ive spent lots of time cleaning and replacing and it still cuts out at 5000rpm's within 3 days of cleaning filter, I hope the injectors fix some of this, it has to build pressure to start as well, i cycle it 3 times.. so im sure they leak too.
Thank you greatly, If for some reason usmc and I cannot make this work I will contact you ASAP.
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