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I was thinking about it, but I want my HP and TQ peak to be higher in the RPM range to move down the 1/4 faster.? I can pick a cam for a stroker to bump it up there, but a shorter stroke would really help with longevity of the engine.? I was also thinking about an all-bore 382 or something, but I can't afford a sleeved block right now.? That'll be for later down the road :icon_biggrin:

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It wouldn't so much matter, it all goes to his 'retirement fund' anyway, hahaha

A good friend of mine is running 9's with a forged 347 :evil4:

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ASUspeeddemon said:
Is there anything done to your LS1 or is it just stock.
I have a couple things done to mine. Here are some of them:

6.0L iron truck block bored .030 over, line honed, and decked. (408 cubic inches)
Eagle 4340 forged 4.00" stroke crackshaft.
Eagle 4340 forged H beam connecting rods with ARP rod bolts.
Diamond forged 11.1 to 1 flattop pistons with 2cc valve releifs, and Diamond rings.
Competition Products Pro Magnum ("R") lifters.
Competition Products chrome moly push rods.
6.0L Truck heads, decked .030, stage II port job (2.08/1.60 valves) flow 310+ at 550 lift.
ARP head stud kit.
MTI R1 cam (235/238/580/585/114).
Cometic head gaskets (Will order when I figure out the quench, and how thick I need them).
Clevite 77 race bearings.
Rollmaster double roller timing chain.
Holley/Lingenfelter intake manifold, port matched and ported.
Whisper carbon fiber air lid.
Holley air filter.
Hypertech 160 deg thermostat.
SS Power steering cooler.
SLP manual fan switch.
Nitrous Express MAF system (the prototype).
Free ram air mod (FRA).
Throttle Body Bypass mod (TBB).
Wide Open Throttle mod (WOT).
Removed EGR system.
Removed AIR system.
LS1 Edit program.
Harlan window switch.
Harlan shift light (Blue).
Harlan 2 step.
Powerbond 10% underdrive billet SFI spec harmonic ballancer pulley.
Pacesetter ceramic coated long tube headers, 1 3/4 primaries.
24" O2 sensor extensions .
Pacestter Y pipe.
Magnaflow catback.
Inline bullet muffler.
Cutout just behind bullet in Y pipe where it comes into one pipe.
Katek Belt tensioner.
TH350 Proffesionally race built (Need to modify cross member for the TH350).
Yank 3000 stall torque converter.
B&M Pro Ratchet shifter.
B&M Super Cooler tranny cooler.
Dual A pillar guage pod.
Auto Meter Ultra light N2O pressure gauge.
Auto Meter Ultra light fuel pressure gauge.
SFI spec tranny sheild.
Denny's Nitrous Ready drive shaft.
Moser 12 bolt with 33 spline axles, Eaton posi, 3.73 gears, T/A cover.
Prothane poly motor mounts.
BMR Lower Control Arms (LCAs).
Muscle Car Technologies Sub Frame Connectors (Weld in) (SFCs).
Muscle Car Technologies Adjustable Pan Hard Bar (APHB).
Spohn Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets (RBs).
Jegs drive shaft saftey loop.
Eibach Pro Kit springs (1.5 inch drop).
I Rotors ventilated and cross drilled front & rear rotors.
AFS Z06 17X9.5 wheels (Silver).
Silver/Blue gauges w/ Trans Am guage bezel.
Camaro caliper decals.
Tint 35% all around.
Z/28, ZO6 replica badges.

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gettinthere said:
Then i guess that makes me the co-co-modulator. Beer for all!

wow all these modulators ..... can i be the flux capaciter? :p

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i gotta go draft some more members so there are people to moderate :lol:
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