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I replaced my fuel tank and pump. The tank had gallons of bad gas colored like strong black tea and tons of rust. The pump was horrible and had dissolved tubing. I flushed the fuel line and was surprised how much trash was in it, but the return line was also filled with rust and bad gas. I am so glad i spent the time to clean everything or im i would have been chasing my tail to get the car running well.

To flush the lines i inserted the the tank end of the lines into beer cans to catch fluid and tightly sealed the spray tube of a can of starter fluid in the engine bay end of the lines and sprayed generous amounts of the stuff through the lines. I cleared the remainder bly using a squeeze bulb and finally by blowing throw by mouth... no compressor on site...

At first the fluid came out brown with flakes of rust so i repeated the process until until finally they ran clear.

I will always do this in the future to all my projects.
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