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Huge Sale on LS1 Double Roller Heavy Duty Timing Chain Sets !!!!!!!

Sale Price - $99.95

This double-roller timing-chain set is a perfect complement to any high-performance camshafts and other LS1/LS6 engine components. It offers greatly enhanced strength and accuracy compared with the stock piece and even allows for timing adjustments (advance or retard) of up to 8 degrees. The set contains an adjustable, nine-keyway nitrated crankshaft sprocket; a double-row chain; a nitrated camshaft sprocket; two oil-pump-spacer plates; and all necessary installation hardware. Compatible with all 1997-03 "Gen III" engines (LS1/LS6, 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L). All JP Performance Timing Chain Sets are supplied with inductioned hardened and multiple keyway crank sprockets (which have the keyways index marked for easier timing) and balanced camshaft sprockets and a true roller timing chain. Also all sets for engines without factory fitted thrust plates (i.e. Chev V8's and Chrysler big block V8's) are machined with a reverse oiler groove. For those that require a Torrington bearing fitted (such as race engines) then we also have them available. Sets fitted with the Torrington bearing are marked 'T'. The LS1 sets do come fitted with the Torrington bearing supplied with the set . New Era Performance is an authorized distributor for JP Performance so all parts purchased come with a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty .

You can order online at or call in during business hours at 585-865-1832 to order over the phone .

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