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I've created a User Defined math parameter using the Math Parameter Manager tool in VCM Scanner. How do I use it in a Transform of a channel I've created?

This is the function I created:

I'm trying to create a channel using my MPVI2 w/Pro Link to track and log fuel pressure readings from my Glowshift fuel pressure sender.


The formula above works. I got data from Glowshift showing voltages and their corresponding pressure readings.


When I do a log with VCM Scanning it shows and records the actual voltage so it's reading the sender but it's not transforming the data to PSI.


I've created the channel, I've gone to transform but my formula is not available under User Defined.


I've tried using a formula from an AEM transform provided by HPTuners but the formula doesn't work for my application.

How do I apply my user defined math expression in my transform for my channel?
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