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How to know if new rear main seal fixed the problem

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So I bought a 93 z28 the other day, and it had an oil leak, presumed to be the rear main seal. I rained out today and decided itd be a good time to fix it. I have since pulled the transmission, the flywheel, and replaced the seal. Thing is, I couldnt tell for sure if it was the seal leaking or the oil pan gasket. I would like to know for sure that It is fixed and not replace the transmission, just to have to start over. Is there a way I can test it. It seemed like it leaked without the car running when I jacked it up a little higher.... I am going to try to jack it up and leave it that way for a bit and see if it starts dripping, I considered putting the flywheel back on and attempting to start the car but I dont know if that is something that would mess it up. Please let me know what yall think. Thanks
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well I started the car without the tranny in it. It started. It ran, didnt seem like a problem. No oil leaking, but im still not 100% comfortable putting it back together, I just feel like it needs more...
If it didn't leak and there was no visible signs of leakage afterwards then put it back together. If you're worried about the pan spray it clean and keep an eye on it running before you install everything. Good luck!
And don't forget the famous lt1 back of intake oil leak. Might want to keep an eye out for oil from that source.

Also hope you changed the freeze plugs at the back of the engine while you were in there. Only a couple of $ parts but a if they go out on your 20 year old car, you'll be pulling the trans again.
The trans is still out. I just got put on 7 12s the day After i did the seal. That's good thinking about the freeze plug i hadn't thought of it. I decided to have the transmission give through and gOin to have a few extras done to it before i put it back in since i won't have time To put it back in for a little while, so while i wait ill go ahead and put some nice new freeze plugs in!
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