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How much is your insurance?

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So how much does everyone pay for insurance here? and through what company?
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I have State Farm, and pay $125 per month for full coverage with no $100 deductables on my 98 Camaro, 96 Silverado, and 86 Ford F350 also on that policy I have home owners inshurance.
My fiancee' and I have USAA insurnace, and we're paying about $3K a year for the following:

2000 Lincoln LS8 -- Full Coverage (under her name)
1993 T/A -- Liability (under my name)
1993 T/A -- Liability and Comp (under her name)
1999 Celica GT -- Liability (under my name)

OH, that's in NJ also, terrible insurance rates.
$1800 with 21st Century for:

92 Pontiac Grand Am
95 Pontiac Trans Am
$3600 a year for:

2000 Z28
2004 Dodge Ram Quad Cab with the Hemi

I'm 22, single and have 1 accident on my record from 5 years ago.
oh ok, I was just bored one day and started this thread up, kinda forgot about it. Other reason I put this up is because I have to pay mine real soon. Mines like 700 a year on my 94 Trans Am.
here in mass we pay through the nose i guess cause were all bad drivers.. i pay 340 a month
I don't even wanna think about how much mine's going to be. Back in January BEFORE 2 accidents :bump: and 5 tickets my quote on my '67 Chevy longwide with a 292 L6 and granny-geared 4 speed was $135/mo. Honestly only one accident and two of the tickets will go on my record, but they were both speeding tickets (In my van :roflmao: 76 and 71 in a 55) and the accident was my fault. What am I going to do with myself :dontknow: .
Learn to drive better and keep off of the accelerator! ;)
State Farm: I'm 17, had my license for over a year and a clean record w/ the good grade discount i'm paying $342 a month... YIKES!!!
Are LS1s much more to insure than there LT1 brothers
mine's $1820.00 per year.:(
I'm paying $538 6mo to Mercury for a 92T/A daily driver liability only, and a 2000 Z28 full coverage part time use.
738.00/6mos points, single, DD

96 Camaro Z28
2005 Dodge Ram Hemi QC

$184 month/$1104 6 months
96$ a month full coverage on my 95 ta
im 24, married, 2 speeding tickes an i pay 84 dollors a month for a 95 trans am an a 96 corsica
oh yea i have geico
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