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How big a shot?

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Whats everyone running hp shot wise w/ their kits, and what kit is it?
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I've been running a dry NOS kit 100 shot for about 5 years.
Zero shot until I get the fuel pump in, then its back to the old TNT 150 wet shot
I'm currently running a 100 shot, but I plan on trying the 150 shot as soon as I get the bottle refilled. I have a TNT F1 kit.

NOS dry kit, was running 125 but went back to 100 when engine was biult due to fuel pump not being able to handle demand of engine and 125 dry shot. Waiting on install of new fuel pump then back to 125.
150 nitrous express
150 on the NOS plate.
TNT 150 wet...
NX 175 shot off the line at 6K! :D
Nitrous Works wet kit 150 shot
I used to run about a 165 shot NOS dry.
TNT F1 150shot. Only ran once at the track with it. New H/C setup this season. Hoping for great #s
dyno tune 100 shot...
Damn everyone seems to really like the TNT F1 kit huh ? where did ya get it and how much ?

TNT 150 wet.

I got mine on the FS section of ls1tech, opened but unused.
if you plan on juicing it, you should ask yourself first if you motor built for it. for stock i wouldn't do more that 150 and thats pushing it
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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