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houston tx here...

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my name is scott and I live in Houston tx. my newest car is what got me on this site. its a 93 trans am a4. red. supposedly got a camp cam, stall and gear, along with exhaust and intake. im trying to get this thing running top notch before tx2k13. also if any other Houstonians are on here and know of any weekly meets or hang outs let me know. I frequent the nifty fiftys and other shows in the north part of town. thanks.
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Welcome to the forum Scott. Your 93 is unique to the 4th gen lt1 cars as it uses a completely different type of computer, a 700r4 automatic trans, instead of, the 4l60E electronic control trans later models use. Also your car uses speed density fuel injection that doesn't have a maf. You can find most wiring diagrams to download for your car at BBB Industries- Premium Alternators, Starters, Power Steering Products
thank you coco. yeah im pretty familiar with these cars. my girls step dad has a 94 and 95 firehawk so im realizing the subtle differences. as for wiring diagrams I got those covered as I actually have a 1993 firebird factory service manual. im trying to locate a tech 1 for sale then I should be dead set on having this car running like new.
Always great to have another member-WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!!!
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