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hood struts?

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I just recieved my aftermarket ws6 hood in the mail it is fiberglass and lightweight. Right now my car has factory metal hood and struts i was reading that when i put my fiberglass hood on im gonna need differnt hood struts then my factory ones cause they can put to much pressure on the fiberglasd hood and can crack the hood. Its a 93 firebird formula. Where can i find ones for my fiberglass hood or what can i do i dont want my hood to crack it wad 400 dollars. Also should i expect any other problems like with fit and allignment any ideas on how i should go about this whole thing thankyou in advance
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Fiberglass hood should use the same hardware as the stock hood. If the struts crack your fiberglass, it just means the company made a thin cheap product.
I only use one. Try trading in the classifieds for someone's worn out struts. I think I use one that is worn out too and works great with the glass hood. Next is taking the latch apart and decreasing the popping pressure of the spring.
i'd reccommend finding a boating shop, instead of putting on limp old struts that might drop your hood on your head.

they have gas struts of various poundage and length for holding up hatches and engine doghouses, they are cheap, and they fit the stock retainers with little to no work. i think i payed $10 a peice wholesale for my last set of hood struts.

any good marine shop should be able to hook you up with the seadog ones:

Sea-Dog : Quality Marine, Industrial and Rigging Hardware
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