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Holley is giving away 60 fuel pumps starting March 9th 2012 thru May 7, 2012. It's called "60 Pumps in 60 Days Fuel Pump Sweepstakes", where one fuel pump will be given away each day to randomly selected winners on the Holley Performance Facebook page.

Each day of the sweepstakes a winner will be selected to win one of several pre-selected electric fuel pumps(part numbers: 12-801-1,12-812-1,12-812-1,12-815-1).

One winner per week will be selected to choose a fuel pump from an array of HP and Dominator Billet In-line pumps (part numbers: 12-700, 12-890, 12-1400, 12-1800).

Those interested in signing up for the sweepstakes can do so by visiting the Sweepstakes entry page at
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