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Hi everyone,

Great site, hopefully will be able to get some info with regards to Lt1 edit for our camaro. Not many places here in australia that are cluded up on these cars.

Got the camaro 6 years ago as a v6, have recently had a Lt1 with mild cam, roller rockers etc put in now just have to get PCM to reconise it. Eventually will be fitting u/b supercharger.

We've had the trans am for five years and is a real eye catcher. Not many of them over here.

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Welcome! Glad to see someone here from down under. I've been an lt1 edit user for 4 years, so feel free to ask questions in our PCM forum.
Glad to see another LT1 owner. :hello:
el-ti juan's are slow :D. but welcome :hello:
Welcome :cheers:
welcome aboard....this site should help u out with all u need
Welcome aboard.. I think you just may be our first international member! :D

Feel free to ask us whatever questions you want. :thumbsup:
welcome mate... always glad to see another slow lt1 owner
howdy :cool:
A friendly Southern howdy to 'ya!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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