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figured id post in here and say hello. been on ls1tech and EFA for a while now. my car is not fast, but faster than Jaberwaki's :D im in the Navy, stationed in Norfolk, Va. Pics of the car are in the mulitmedia section :)

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Welcome aboard!! How's Norfolk been to ya?? I used to fly in there all the time and still schedule our weekly KC-10 run through there.
Welcome bro. You're uber-cool simply because the formula's silver. I love silver.

edit: is it silver or pewter? it's hard to tell in the sig

and Norfolk sucks. and so does my
So I guess that no longer makes you uber cool?
nope. still uber-cool :)
Works in my book!
My brother is in the Navy out there too :usa:
oh yea? is he on a ship? whats his rate?
99formulam6 said:
my car is not fast, but faster than Jaberwaki's :D

lier lier pants on fire
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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