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Hey guys

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whats up? i am new to the forums and cant wait to discuss some $hit but im from kansas, got my hand on a beautiful 96 z28 and the deal was too good to be true... i am about to do a headgasket on it any tips? id really rather not try to pull the motor, i know there are so many discussions on that, but idk. anyways my name is Mikel, anyone on here from Kansas wichita region?
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Welcome to the forum Mikel, heads can be pulled without removing engine. should have a head gasket change write up. and diagrams, pics, etc.

Also, if you would go to 4th gen section and open thread titled GM service manuals, you will find the 96 factory service manual for download. Wouldn't hurt to download the 4th gen parts books found in sticky threads of the same section.
WELCOME TO THE BOARD!!! I'm from Kansas City Missouri-right across the water!! Not from Wichita but visit often (as well as Top Town[Topeka]), and I frequent St.Joe as I have a homie that stays in the Joe! A what's yo plans for the Coupe-plan on putting her o. The Strip?
ok ill look through those thanks alot

YES i wanna put her on the track eventually, but i need to keep her a DD as i got a loan lol building credit... but shes very fast lots of mods and my favorite corvette zr1 wheels 11.5" WIDE :lol: with everything this car has i practly stole it for the price haha
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