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hesitation at wot

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ok so this happends alot but all the time when the car is warm. Its a stock 93 6speed just put map sensor an nothing sunday i will be doing plugs and wires to see if it does anything it dosent back fire or anything i just pulled codes 26-28-46 but what else should i do or check sunday any advice would be good thanks in advance.
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Start with a full tuneup, including cap and rotor. If they are shorting, they'll just take out the new wire again. If it still has the hesitation after that, it'll be easier to troubleshoot.

This would be a good time to inspect the condition of the optispark, too.

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I believe you have received good advice so far.If possible check your fuel
pressure. If you can monitor your fuel pressure while driving check what it reads when you get your hesitation. ed
thanks guys tomorrw im doing full tuneup except opti.. but air filter cleaning oil plugs wires and fuel filter i will let you guys know what happends
So I am done besides finding a way to route the wires it was not horrible..and I didnt feel the hesitation like I did so lets hope its gone going to drive it for a while tomorrow then take her in for a smog and yes I am scared lol but we will see no miss and not running rich so shouldnt have a problem. .
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