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OK guys i came here for help my ive been having problem with my car it sems that my tunr signals dont work and I was wondering what It might be I tough it was the flasher so I bought It 1 but I cant seem to find were It goes I checked unser the stearing well so can some1 tell me were It might go...
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you sure you dont just have a light out?
He has a point, in some cars if the bulb is out the blinker won't work. Kind of a "hey your light is burnt out" warning.

The flasher's should be located on or damn near close to the fuse panel itself.
Ive checked under the dash on both driver and pasanger ive also replaced the light buld and still nothing i dont get it cause my hazard work but whenever I use the tuen signals the light on the dash satys on but it wont blink ive also checked the fuses on the engine compartment and nothing..
You might wanna check your back lights again...
Hmmm Ill check hem today then lets see...
I've had the same problem twice, and it was a burnt bulb in the taillights, and thats usually what the problem is on most cars.
My front right turn signal burnt out. :(
ya same thing happens to my car...once the bulbs blow the blinker stops working... and this happens every time it rains
Ill replace them again lets see what happns...

-Thanx for the Help guys
Make sure the harness under the steering column is connected tight. Mine came loose one time and the signals stopped blinking.
Hmmm ima give it a torough check tomorow...
I'm also having problems with my left side turn signal, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I virtually gave up tring to see what's causing it. The bulbs are all good. :banghead:
Thats the prob Im having to just yesterday they started working and not today IDK...The previous owned told me the car has always been like that i wonde what it is then maybe 1 of the whires maybe not m\be making contact idk but im still looking for the prob sooner or later ill find it ill tear the whole dash appart if I have to...
Fixed It FINALYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! apparently it wasnt the flaseher it was some purple whire under my dash that wasnt making contact and I conected it back and it all came together and worked thank god!!!! this nightmare is over!!!!
Good deal
Electricity takes the path with the least resistance. In your taillight panel you have 3 bulbs, check those to see if they are burnt out. Go down to autozone and replace all your bulbs in the back panel. That is 6 bulbs. The reverse and the other two are different types though. But At 2.50 a pack 2 in a pack 8$ is all you need. What happens is when one burns out your electricity takes the path of another bulb and will overload it. So if you hit your blinker and all you get is a solid arrow it is the cars way of saying you got a bulb out. It has little or nothing to do with flasher usually.
He said he fixed it. lol.
gettinthere said:
My front right turn signal burnt out. :(
Hey, I need to replace mine, and my 02 SS looks just like the tire-smoking beast you have pictured. Did you go through the bottom to get at it, or from the top? Did you have to pull out the lamp housing? And yes, one bulb out will kill the turn signal on that side.
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