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1995 LT1 T/A

Symptom: Shakes on accelleration in 1st gear around 1-1500rpm and smooths out after.

Before shaking:

*I dismantled the air intake from the TB - Elbow to the filterbox.
*cleaned up some dust buildup around the blades.
*cleaned and re-oiled the K&N filter in the stock airbox.

1st try at cleaning the K&N I ended up spraying far too much oil onto it to where it leaked when the engine got hot. At that time is when I noticed shaking and bogging and figured it was the filter clogged up. I re-cleaned and put on a light mist of oil. Same symptoms - whole car rattles on first. And I'm sure I got everything air tight.

Not too long I altered/plugged up the top of the silencer for better airflow... which worked like a charm.

Not long before that, I had gotten a new Borla muffler.
At the muffler shop, the mechanic said that the CAT I got was 2.5" where I should have highflow 3" and the previous welds were done very badly where air would be trapping in little crevices and circulating wrong. Could that be what's wrong? Too much coming in with not enough space to go out?

I've already tried going back to a paper filter, and it's still shaking. Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated. I don't like re-experiencing the '89 Loma Prieta quake everytime I'm moving from stop. :p

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one thing that could be wrong is, where you oiled the airfilter, the mass air, has "hot wires" if those get oil on them they could give the pcm a false reading,
this is very unlikely though. if this happen then it would more than likely have something wrong all the time.
2nd the cat wont cause the shakking, just poor fuel economy, and poor performance,
if everything is not tight up top there could be unmetered air coming in and this could cause the shake.
another thing, is something you might not even think.
i had an exprience with something like this,
it was an auto car. is yours an automatic?
i put a new tranny in a 95 V6 camaro, it shook like crazy, and the lady thought it was a installation problem, which come to find out wasnt. i rechecked everything, it ended up being a bad torque converter which she bought from a dealership with the tranny, A REMAN trans. if your converter is bad or if the flexplate has broken, or anything in that area, it could be that, and nothing to do with your engine.
i would check that out first.
cause it sounds identical to the problem i had with a customers car.

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Since you didn't specify whether you're an A4 or M6, my first inclination would be to call it clutch chatter, as that's the PRIME area to experience it, in first rolling out of a stop.

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Use electronic parts cleaner in a spray can to clean the MAF wires. If you over oiled the K&N that bad I'm with Lifeisgood, you probably got it all over the MAF.
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