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Help me on my next mods?

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Help me out guys. I am getting my headers put on then im buying things. What should i get first?

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SFC's and LCA's.... along with a good stall.. im not sure if you have a LT1 or LS1?

after than, then headers;)
SFC's make it so we can actaully take our t tops out after a few hard launches down the track;) i know a few that waited to long and they might as well call their t top cars hardtops:p

they do help keep the car from twisting;) for 125-150bucks they do help, but they will make the car ride rough lol

for ls1's anyway i know you need them.. if you do all the bolt ons and dont have those 1-2 suspension parts, then well.. the car is gonna wrinkle up

now for the other suspension bs crap, im not a believer in.. i still have stock shocks LMAO
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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