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Help me on my next mods?

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Help me out guys. I am getting my headers put on then im buying things. What should i get first?

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either the sfc or the converter, a friend of mine just put a cam in is 97 LT1 and already twised the body, when you open the passenger door, it drops a good 1.5", after seeing that im looking into some sfcs
Chris 96 WS6 said:

I still don't have them on my car...and don't think a 4th gen really honestly needs them. Now if you've ever owned a 3rd gen you understand the need for them on those cars.

SFC's just add weight and aren't going to give you anything that puts a smile on your face. I say they can wait.
did you read my post, not only is the door off, theres a big gap where the t-top seals at, water just pours in when it rains now
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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