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help! check engine light not coming on

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Hi there new to this forum and f-bodies. Looking for some help on an issue I have been having. So here goes...

I have a 97 z28 with a cold air and slp lm1. I recently took it to take an emmisions test. I failed the test due to my service engine soon light not illuminating. I pulled the gauge cluster out and checked all the bulbs and they were fine. I checked the gauge cluster fuse and it was fine. What else could it be? Am I missing something? Any help would b appreciated.

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Is this a new problem in your experience? If this car is new to you, the former owner may have cut the wire from the PCM to the lamp. The current path is: Gauges fuse ---> Instrument cluster (CES lamp) ---> C230 (one of 3 similar connectors behind passenger side kick panel)---> PCM (blue connector)
Its a new problem to me. I got the car at the end of last summer and it sat in storage. I went to register it last weekend and that was the problem that I encountered. I will check the wiring. Thanks for your help
More details: C230 is a blue connector and the wire to the I/P CES lamp is brown/white.
Ok so when I got home today I found the blue plug and the brown/white wire. Correct me if im wrong but is what I did was put a test light to the wire, cycled the key to operate the ses lamp and with doing that I got no power to that wire on either side of the connector . Is that the correct procedure to test it?
also i tested from the fuse to the plug behind the gauge cluster. I have power at the gauges fuse but no power at the A1 (pink 39 wire) pin or at the A4( SES Lamp pin)
I only have the 96 and 98 service manuals for reference and am assuming the 97 is the same as a 96. It looks like you have an open circuit between the fuse and the pink wire. There should be 12v at both of those places when the ignition switch is ON (set to Run). However, if that were the case, the fuel gauge, air bag and brake lamps would not work either. Is that the case? On the 96 diagram, it is A5 that goes to those devices, not A1. If you have a 97 diagram and it is A1 instead, use that one. As to your prior post, it would be normal to see no voltage at the brown/white wire during and after the lamp test if the PCM has a trouble code that lights the CES lamp. If there is no code, the voltage should rise to 12v after the lamp test at ignition ON.
BBB Industries- Premium Alternators, Starters, Power Steering Products will have 97 and 01 wiring diagrams if needed. But like GaryDoug said, I'm willing to bet that 97 is same as 96.

96 & 00 service manuals are available in 4th gen section sticky threads. I believe has wiring diagrams for 96-97 dlc. Afraid there's no ls1 info on his site.

Phoenix77, please start your own thread with your problem. Don't hijack existing threads.
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