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HELLO from Memphis!

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Just picked up a 96 Trans Am. Traded locally for a honda civic :lol: It's got headers and exhaust. Look forward to busting my knuckles numerous times!
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Welcome to the forum, thankfully you woke up and brushed off the rice.
Welcome to The Board. Slap some pics up an brag on your car a lil bit,lol!!! Care to share your plan/performance upgrades you'll b making or thought about making??
Car is stock longblock with BBK headers and a Spintech catback. Have a Edelbrok wet kit (taken off the car) and Aeromotive FPR. Something has been done to the suspension in the back, PHB and SFC have been replaced I think. Has 3.73 gears, Transmission has been rebuilt with upgraded servos and shift kit. I think the car has a tune on it. Came with z06 4x10.5" rims and stock rims with Nitto DR's. My plans for the car include getting a better tune and daily driving it.


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Welcome to the forums and good looking ride.
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