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Hey everyone. I already introduced myself on here, but since I haven't really done anything Camaro-related since then, I feel like I'm sort of re-joining the Site. Also I don't know where else to start a thread about my eventual plans for my car - a newbie mistake maybe. Anyhow, I'm Bryan, from Long Island, NY, and I have a 95 Z28 M6. The car has SLP-spec Bilsteins and Eibachs from Strano Performance Parts, as well as a matching panhard rod, plus upgraded sway bars and a shock tower brace, all also from Strano. (I don't even remember which ones specifically - only that I LOVE what they do for the car). Only other mods are 1996-spec catalytic converters (I... think) and the K&N FIPK. The car's been sitting for 14 months because of a bad head gasket, and I fully intend to get in there and sort it out. I've looked all over the Web, I know it's no walk in the park, but I've gotta start being an actual car guy sometime, right?

So, my medium-term plan: 1. stop being lazy and get into the engine (I've seen online tutorials I can refer to; for now I think I'll be OK with this).
2. Complete the gasket job with forum-recommended gasket set and head bolts (hope the heads aren't warped).
3. Drive the car to a shop to have the whole car de-rusted. (Is that a thing? There isn't a ton of rust, but it shows up here and there under the hood, on the rocker panels, and in the undercarriage).
4. Budget permitting, look into the Lloyd Elliot LE1 upgrade with one of his custom cams, plus a pcmforless tune to compliment them.

I kinda feel like I'm just dreamin here, but I really want to do it- at least the first few things.
So what do you experienced F-body people think? I mainly want my Camaro to be a nice running weekend toy, that isn't rotting away in my driveway. As it is definitely obvious, I have almost no experience to work from here (the suspension work, I had done professionally). Thanks for reading my long-winded post, guys.
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