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Headers for 95 T/A

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I've looked around for people with the same set up but haven't found any. I'd like to install a set of a LT headers for my LT1 with Borla 3" catback exhaust. I have no emissions restrictions and am looking for a nice set of long tube headers. Any suggestions?

Thank you for any input!
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Check out Texas Speed. I received my set of Pacesetter LT coated for just $306.00 I think. It doesn't matter cause they were awesome to work with and gave me one hell of a deal. I saved quite a bit with them. I spoke with John. He matched and beat prices for me and was very honest when it came to that. Do your research and call him. Let him know where you have whatever you're looking for for cheaper and he will either match or beat it. My rating for them (for a speed shop) is 8.5. I will not do business with anyone else so long as they continue to do me good. Good luck!
you want nice headers, get kooks.. dynatechs..dougs.. or something!.. everyone runs pacesetters.. get something different for f$^ks sake

pacesetters are mediocre cheap headers

and whatever you get, pay extra, get them ceramic. the difference in underhood temperature is huge.
I was looking at kooks or hooker long tubes. While we're on the subject of exhaust, what does Off Road mean when talking about y pipes.
Is this an exhaust that runs straight from the headers without a cat? How can it not accomadate a cat?
an offroad y-pipe extends beyond the area where the cat would be, hooking up to a stock style catback. no cat.

maybe you dont realize how long these longtube headers actually are. i dont even think there really is a non offroad y-pipe for them.

you're pretty much ditching your cat with longtubes. you can hack a cat into it but it's ugly and loses ground clearance.
Gotcha. So I couldn't use LT headers with a catback exhaust?
yep, you can. the offroad y-pipe is longer than the stock y-pipe. it'll connect to a 'catback' exhaust, which is designed to be AFTER the cat.

just get your offroad y and headers and catback you'll be fine
oh and poly engine mounts if you haven't already. most longtubes dont clear your frame sheet metal like stock stuff does. you dont want them smacking into anything
Haha this is getting a little confusing to me now. I'm new to the whole V8 world. So will LT headers fit on my Borla catback exhaust? If not, can midlengths fit? what other parts would I need besides the headers and engine mounts?
Pacesetters are inexpensive compared to the over priced others. They're American made too. Yeah could they be built better? yeah but marginally. For the price and performance they can't be beat. If someone wants to spend twice, three or four times as much for something that will provide the same results go ahead. The only upgrade to these I can see is stainless steel. Remember the end state will still be the same and most don't build cars to run in NHRA. Just a little coin.

Just buy your LT's and have some pipe bent to match up to your cat back. Have your rear O2's tuned out and your fine. If you're worried about having cats just buy two Thunderbolt cats and have them welded in. Oh and if you buy the Pacesetters they give you what you need to extend your O2 harnesses...who else does that free of charge nowadays?
These are not the best pics but they may help... Pacesetter LT's to a Corsa cat back..
1- Off road also means no air fitting for air pump and no EGR fitting for EGR, both have to be deleted.
2- You can add universal mini cats in the y-pipe just behind the collectors if you want. MagnaFlow Catalytic Converters - 49-STATE & CANADA Catalytic Converters For Trucks, Suv's, American Muscle, Diesel, & Sport Compact Vehicles

Below pic is drivers side , front of car is to the left, the header collector ends, and the clamp is to the Y-pipe. In the back of pic is the passenger side and as stevo said the collector ends further back than the stock cat currently sits. Plus the stock cat is welded to the stock Y pipe it's all one piece.


This pic shows the Y-pipe connection to the cat back, note I removed the old cat back front pipe that connected cat. In my case I used a 3" long extension to attach the Y to the cat back. Your Borla may be a different setup, but the pic shows where the Pacesetter ends about 4' behind the driveshaft safety bracket. Note the 3/8 washers I added to drop the bracket a bit for exhaust clearance. Also the cheapo steel 3" extension is starting to rust. This joint also serves as the exhaust break apart point, in case you ever have to tilt down the transmission for bolt access. Planning for future you should always have a point to open the exhaust w/o starting at the muffler and going forward.


This pic shows ground clearance from passenger side, that's a 4 X 4.
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