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head problems... help?

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ok it all came apart pretty easy, oil drained out didnt look that bad, headgaskets looked good (not that old) and i took the heads to a head guy in wichita (recomended by friend) and he basicly acted like he wanted me out of there, didnt like me asking questions and started to get an attitude. but he said they were warped but not enough to need resurfaced, well i kinda expected him to ATLEAST clean the old gasket materal off the heads, but no and he took me up to the counter charged me $80 and just pushed me out (not literally) well i get home to clean up my block and when i go to clean my heads i find this (see pic) , gash/chip/indention what ever you wanna call it idk what do you guys think? should i go ahead and have them resurfaced or just trust him and put it back together? i told a couple of my friends and one said to go to someone else, the other said it should seal, he'd get it resurface it but it would be fine... i feel i should have them rechecked/surfaced by someone else but i really dont know and funds and time are running thin (im not gonna rush anything but after saturday i gotta go back to work...)
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i have some more pics of the head, this is just what i was worried about
Id get it looked at by another dude, worst that happens is they take a some material off. Warped is still warped no matter what way u cut it
I dont know how someone could check a cyl. head for warpage without
the head surface being very clean.The area that you are showing us from the first picture is the surface where the intake manifold is attached,correct ? I dont think that will be a problem,but ,I would take
it to another shop that is customer friendly. ed
Def get a second opinion, but as stated above, if thats the intake manifold mating surface, it may cause a vac leak (doubtful) but it def wouldn't cause HG issues.

Sounds like the guy was in a dick mood. I'd certainly go somewhere else. Find someone oldschool who doesn't mind shooting the shit and explaining the whole process to you. Then if you decide to do the motor, you have someone you trust and he will have a repeat customer.
no you cant see the side where the intake bolts on, you see the hole on the left sid of head? thats the steam line hole and the water jacket is the bottom hole on the right, and theres a lil gash in the head just above that water jacket on the left and he never sais anything about it but another one of my friends recomended someone and said the place i went was a retard lol but i hope i can get it done today or tomorrow, and put it back together by this weekend thanks alot guys:cheers:
I would try and get the heads checked for warpage,if they are ok then I would proceed this way.Also ask what the best composition type gasket there is for this situation. If that is the head gasket surface,I would clean the entire head,head gasket surface,I like to use one of those scrapers that use a single edge razor blade,make sure every bit of dirt and carbon and old gasket material
are removed from the head,then after that I clean the surface with a clean rag and acetone,the same must be done on the block side,then I
use spray copper coat and spray both sides of the gasket( UNLESS the
gasket manuf. states that the gasket should be installed dry. Carefully
place the head gasket on the block and then very carefully guide the cyl head onto the block. I'm getting carried away here, Take your new cyl head bolts or at a minimum your old very clean cyl. head bolts and install them. I usually tighten in increments of 20 lbs. until I get to my spec.torque Use the bolt tightening sequence from Shoebox,if he has one
and once you reach the required torque I like to just go over them once more. I am not sure what to recommend to use on the bolt threads,possibly anti-sieze,I am sure someone on the site will know. If you follow all my steps and do everything carefully, not half ass, your cylinder heads will be good,unless they are warped out of spec. I know this is more than you wanted,ed
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I would definay go elsewhere . Like has been stated .. Warped is warped . I also like the whole shooting the shiz deal . It just show that they are taking the time to listen and help out , plus you get to know the people there and more liky to better understand what is happening and get better advice . The shop I go to ... First and formost ... Can check parts if not clean . They San before inspect cuz grim can hide alot .
im using shbox and how to rebuild lt1/lt4 book to help me, i just hope im not doing this again in 6 months and i really hope its not my block thats the problem
Look at it this way ... Prolly not what you'd want but ... Just a thought ... If heads are a tad warped and block happens to be a tad warped ... Then that tad is an issue :(. If get them surfaced just for assurance incase . Better to spend 100 or so to clean them up now then to get all together and find out that warped a bit to much a d got to start over .

That is what I would do . If you check block and its good ... Then that might be a different story .
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