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hard to start cold

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I have a 95 trans am that is very hard to start when it is cold. I have replaced the opti spark, the fuel pump, and filter. I have also checked the fpr and it's not showing to have a bad diaphragm. Once it fires up and gets warm it fires off every time and is holding good fuel pressure. I`m kind of at a loss and was wondering if anyone else might have any ideas.
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My cars doing same but havnt done any thing yet
without a datalog from cold start, it's going to be a bit more difficult to diagnose that problem. if you willing to buy a scanner, or an aldl cable for your laptop, i betcha you'll fix it really quickly..

if not, there are still some checks you can do. i'd start with the temp senders. if the ECM thinks its way warmer than it is, it'll be like you're starting without the choke on.

i'd start with the obvious. see what temperature it is outside, and check your intake air temp sensor, and the temp sensor on your waterpump via this chart. ignore the one on your drivers side head, it doesn't matter.

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only problem is, this doesn't really test the wiring to the ecm, but you can do that too, unplug the ecm, get a paperclip read this... make sure the value measured right at the sensor stays the same at the corresponding ecm pin

4th Gen LT1 F-body Tech Articles
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