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guessing 2-3 clutch is about toast...?

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Hi, 96 z28, few mods, but I got 3.73 's and a mild shift kit, but heres what's I still have a solid 1-2 shift, spins the tires into second at WOT, but any driving at above 3 grand when its in 2nd and I can feel the rpms jump about 200-300 before it engages 3rd.
.....time for new clutches I take it? And if so, should I just do a full rebuild kit? With a new shift kit I can get one from Summit for like 400 with shipping.... Good price?
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Your 3-4 clutch is breathing it's last. There's a mile of clearance it there. Your 2nd gear servo travel is probably on the excessive side as well. Both of these will give you a nasty flare on the 2-3 shift.

There are a TON of things besides an overhaul kit that need to go into a 4L60E to build it properly. If you've never done one, I'd think it over carefully. It's not a beginner transmission. Skip the shift kit, too. No need for that crap in a 4L60E...

You can search through this site and find a ton of information about proper setups. I know that between Frank Cahall and myself (and others), we've offered up a bunch of information on here...
I have looked at ALOT of info on here from you and Frank, but to what extent would I have to do (or have a shop do) then a rebuild kit? If its just the clutches, bands, servos, then couldn't I just replace all this with a kit? And why wouldn't I want a shift kit? Won't that help the trans life, or what exactly does the shift kit do then?

......I don't mean to question you or anything, I'm just not very familiar with auto transmissions... Thanks again man!
You'll need sprags, sun shell, bushings (wide bushings in a few places), servos (2nd and 4th), a good band, the appropriate 3-4 frictions, steels and apply and backing plates, boost valve, pump rotor guide and vanes (possibly a rotor), etc...just to name a few.

There's a lot to the 4L60E... And a lot of judgement calls need to be made along the way, plus just knowing what to look for as far as hidden wear and damage.

It is not necessary to use a "shift kit" to modify the shifts in a 4L60E...just the appropriate pressure modifications, orifice sizing, accumulator modifications, etc...
So is it really worth full rebuild/inspection by myself and a friend who's rebuilt several 4l60e or just send it out to someone or buy a new, built one?
...curious to what you would do if you were in my situation? Cause this trans has only 66000 miles on it.
Sorry, I got here late, but it looks like Dynamic 396 has you on the right track. Your 3-4s are going. A 4L60E is a very complex transmission that suffered from many design flaws that most kits won't address and neither do the rebuild manuals available for them. We don't use a "kit" in a 4L60E. We source our parts from various manufactuerers which allows us to use the best of everything. For instance, I like one companies bands, but anothers frictions. I like one companies boost valves abut anothers 2-3 shift valve. 2nd servo and 4th servo from 2 different companies. In other words, "one size doesn't fit all". I even use different paper and rubber kits in different transmissions.

Real quick... I've been reading lots of posts this last week and a half, trying to "learn" lol, and I wanted to specifically and genuinely say thank you to Dynamic and Frank, you guys are very well knowledgeable and always seem to help everyone with trans questions. Thank you again.

Now in regards to my trans, can one of you please adress my last post? ...........And do you 2 rebuild the trans if they are sent to you. Or do you sell built ones already...?
As mentioned you need more than just a few parts to make it work and its a bit more involved than a shift kit and clutches if your looking for a stock rebuild the local regular trans shop should be able to handle it if your looking for performance I would deal with a company that specializes in that
Frank at Performabuilt
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