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GTG at 4 corners Downers Grove, IL friday night

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GTG at 4 corners Downers Grove, IL friday night- Chi-burbs...
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baddogz28 said:
Ha, this was a GTG thread, we hijacked it talking about, well, not GTG's. LOL.
hah, everyones jsut too afraid to clutter up the new board with messages ;)

yeah, you know imma be there.
baddogz28 said:
I'm out, I need to go buy some booze and charcoal. Hope to see you out tomorrow.
for the meet? haha kidding

bbq meet would be tight as shit, you all should set up a "Good times with the Midwest Speed" fund, do crap like there. hehe
baddogz28 said:
Nice profile Javier...

haha i was just gonna put "i fix shit" but i didnt feel liek being scolded by the admins so i put sometihng a little more family freindly.

and yeah a bbq would buy tight, tho i have a feeling i need better quarter mile times to get within the group itself, for now, il settle for all the gtg's :thumbsup:
*scratches head*
LiquidFire350 said:
ill be there after work, which im off at 9 so probly around 930-10ish

and im taking chris's idea from last time, bring a lawn chair
real men stand :p ;)
well, that was a fun get together, on the way home my damn calipur bolds came out some how.....BOTH OF THEM makes me thing somone sabotaged my car :( anyway...both brake pads on the rearleft are gone, easily replaceable...tho i had to jimmy rig the calipur on there with...keychains...thats all the damn gas station had...yeah nad the venter came o ut and i may end up needin a new rear left calipur...anyone got a spare they can sell for cheap :homer:
baddogz28 said:
That doesn't sound fun. :barf:
sure wasnt, i spent and hour trying to figure otu wtf i was gonna do...luckily i got inventive with a couple keyrings...heh
haha.....was 2:30am no cars the whoel way hope, i probably could ahve made it home without them...but if i lost them completly, i wouldnt have tried., its all fixed now tho, and while i was at it i replainted all my calipurs and put the trans am decals on the front ones, they look good
haha, i do wash it quite often, and wiping it down like that may not have been the best thing for it, but being a daily driver, i promise its gonna see alot worse that i cannot help, so i wont cry about it, its been watched since then though, thanks for the tip in any case though.
1 - 9 of 45 Posts
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