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GT tries to suckerpunch me

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I was riding with my buddy and we stop at a light. I hear a bunch of snickering on my left and I see it's a Mustang GT 03-04ish. So when the light turns green they blast off like they are running from the cops :dontknow: So I thro the car in gear and by the end of 1st i'm at his bumper, and the hit to second i'm at his window. I yell out of my window "That was not fair", and throw into 3rd and put a bus on him... :finger:
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Did he cry afterwards?
LoL... YOu are such a bully. Picking on a guy who has 1.1 liters cubes than you do!!! LOL :twak: :)

I love the laughing, I used to get it all the time from kids in luxury cars. I had a drug dealer lookin MFer in an M3 look me right in the eyes and laugh at me while revving his engine (my cutout was off). He wasn't laughing anymore after the light, took the first exit afterwards.
every stanky stang driver knows better than that..
Yeah there's alot of ignorant people out there.

Promlem round' here is that alot of pricks I know(with all sorts of car) don't race. They're so cocky that they feel it'd be a waste of time.

Good kill.
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