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Great Lakes Performance Club (GLPC)
Great Lakes Performance Club - Home
(Official Website)​

To join, make sure you request to join our Facebook page!

The Great Lakes Performance Club (GLPC) is a car club of enthusiasts licensed within any of the states neighboring the Great Lakes. The club was founded in early 2013 and is host to mainly Ohio members. Any and all enthusiasts of high performance cars or bikes that want to represent a club containing members with the mutual interest may do so by joining GLPC. GLPC apparel, decals, and official member numbers are available.

GLPC is currently sponsored by IPS Motorsports and Street Lethal Performance - their descriptions can be found on the "Sponsors" page.

Street Lethal Performance is located in Edinburg, PA. Check them out!

IPS Motorsports is located in Lewis Center, OH. Check them out!

This car club does NOT require use of decal or apparel, but decals and apparel are available. This club was created so that people with like-minded interest within close proximity may be able to go to shows, meets, and events together as well as simply share and discuss topics related to that of aftermarket vehicles.

Great Lakes Performance Club does not condone illegal street racing.

In a few short months, GLPC's members have risen to nearly 100. One of the largest active car clubs in the entire Columbus, Ohio area!
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