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Got the ta in world of wheels

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Got her all cleaned up and shining ! Will post some more pics tomorrow .
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heres a few more pics of it . another ws6 got the spot next to me :)

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Wheel Convertible

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Rim

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Rim

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Auto show

Vehicle Auto show Car Automotive design Automotive exterior
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looking good keep the pics coming!
Hey!!! I'm the guy that's been texting you about your hood and who found your car at world of wheels! Why do I keep finding your car lol?
Great looking Trans Am; what was the location of the show, only asking because I thought it was Birmingham, AL because the World of Wheels here was on Feb. 8th-10th.
Lol must have been all places that date . In Kansas City Missouri , feb 8th thru 10th
After all these years I thought it was in certain cities on specific dates.
That's a nice car man props for looks and cleanliness. Best looking cars ever made!
Thank you . I have to agree . Lol
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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