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Good buy

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Ok so some guy is offering Pacesetter headers longtubes , and an isky springs and cams and im making the drive there so hes offering me 550$ if i go picl em up wondering if that should be a good but since he is doing an ls1 swap and i do not have the specs on the cam but he tells me its one of the biggest on the isky site but is good for stocl heads idk jus want opinions on the forum btw ill be porting my heads but keepong stock valvetrain
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isky makes some pretty big cams, which would be completely innapropriate to use with stock heads, rockers, stock bottom end, etc etc.

that aside, any used cam, $150 tops, any used headers, $350 tops.

good deal? .... not so much

Agree w stevo.. not a good buy
any used headers, $350 tops.

I'm assuming coated? Cause I paid $243 for Pacesetter LT brand new but uncoated....
Ok then thanks guys jus needed some gooadvice apprecitate it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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