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going to buy 306 cam what all do i need?

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hey guys this will be my first cam swap ever and i have a 95 z28 with a lt1 i am going to put the cc306 cam in it what all do i need and can i buy it all in 1 kit if so where is the best place to buy it thanks!
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What other mods do you already have on the car? And what made you decide on that cam? You'll have to spin the crap out of it.
right now just headers exhaust cold air and throttle body. i am aware of where it makes power right now thats not important the motor will be getting all forged 383 and a set of heads will be installed later right now just need to know what all i need for my cam and if i can buy it in one kit and where the best place is to order
Man, I'd think about something different than a 306... There are many, many camshafts out there that are way better than the 306.

But, as was stated, a camshaft of that "size" is not very well suited to a stock bottom end. Your compression will be way too low and, in order for that cam to really "work", you'll have to rev your engine to a range where a stock LT1 bottom end is not at all happy (and a ticking time bomb)...!
Well if you're dead set on that cam, you'll want some non-self aligning rockers, guideplates, a valve spring kit, lifters, hardened pushrods, a new timing chain set, a nice stall if you're an auto, and steeper gears either way. I went with a Lunati dual valve spring kit for my cam that's just slightly smaller than a cc306 and a set of scorpion 1.6 roller rockers. Many people recommend comp rockers though. Check out Texas Speed and Performance and Competition Products - Performance Engine Parts, Racing Engine Parts and Accessories for parts
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