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Fuel Pump

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So im 95% sure my fuel pump is bad, question is what one do i get? And is there an easy way to change it?

Is this one ok?

or should i get one rated at a higher psi? IDK why I would need a higher one but just figured I'd ask.

Just got a tune so I would love to avoid needing a new tune...

Thanks in advance for any input.
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i have my used one that came out when put the racetronix in . worked fine . if you are interested heck 15bucks plus 7 shipping and you can have it . just throwing that out . if you were kinda not wanting to spend much .

The easiest way to replace the pump is..trap door, look it up on google

..dont be a B****

get cuttin!
Buy a pump and sending unit together. Not so much the brand but that the sending unit and pump are the same brand. Some pumps won't connect to other sending units unless u can find and install a electrical connector to match them. Just do a search for a good link as i would have myself now even though i have the trap door and replaced 3 pumps already.

Good luck,
I run Racetronix on my car and I am very pleased with the install and how it has worked for me thus far.

The trap door mod is a great thing to have. I have already used mine numerous times which has saved me a lot of head ache. The problem is that too many people do it in a hack way which turns people off. I actually removed my tank first before I cut it out too remove worry of cutting through the fuel lines and to take my time doing it. I'm bragging when I say mine turned out very nicely.

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