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The car was running fine and we did a head job on it (drivers side head gasket did not seal) After it still ran fine. About 10mile down the road it started to skip. I checked it and found it was sloping on the last cylinder on drivers side(cylinder 7 if I rember). I cheacked for spark and all good there.
I also checked for power and ground on the injector we have a power but no pulsing ground when you cycle the switch or when the car is running.

I need some ideals on what y'all think it might be.
I will start checking the harness tomorrow
Thank you

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Is it just the single injector not pulsing? Are the other injectors working as they should?

Please include year of lt1 car in all your threads asking for help. It makes a difference.

If all other injectors are working and only #7 is not, first take the connector off #7. Then use your multimeter set to resistance. Make sure there is continuity on injector # 7. If yes and it reads about 12 ohms then move on to next step. Not sure if 12 ohms is correct, but the reading should be at least 6 ohms and not more than 12 ohms.

If injector itself is good and all other injectors work, there are only 2 things it can be. (1) There is a splice S102 located about 2 inches from where injector # 3 wiring breaks out. This splice takes the single ground wire from pcm and splits it into 4 wires. Injector #7 wire might not be making good contact at the splice causing # 7 not to get ground from pcm.

Or (2) the wire at splice s102 to injector #7 is bad. If other injectors aren't working then a different troubleshooting procedure will be needed.

For your reference, the pcm has 2 separate ground groups for the injectors One group grounds inj # 2 , 3, 5, & 8. The 2nd ground group is for # 1, 4, 6, & 7.
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