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Fuel gauge problem.

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I just picked up a 1999 camaro z28 with a 5.7 an auto trans.
I did some searching an believe I know what the problem is but just want to pick your guy's brain.
My gas gauge don't work it just stays at the empty mark it only moves when I go to start it up it moves to full then back to empty an stays there.
"I believe it's the sending unit"
My friend says that there's a gray wire that goes to the sending unit an to cut it an ground it an see if the gas gauge goes up, if it does then it's the sending units is this correct?
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Never heard of that. I'd ask a mechanic before cutting a perfectly good wire.
He was a mechanic for cars/trucks for years but changed over to a diesel mechanic. I just wanted to see if anyone else heard of this before I did cut a perfect wire. But thanks for looking out.
The fuel gauge signal comes from the PCM, not the sender. Of course the PCM gets the signal from the sender.

I'd say unplug the tank harness and try shorting the wire (I don't recall off the top of my head if it's gray - might be).
So what your saying unplug tank harness then just use a jumper wire to find the positive (the wire I'm looking for) then short it out to see if the gauge moves?
Also which/where could I find a direct replacement sending unit?
I see them on napa for a little under $450 also I see that I can get them from HAWKS for $150 are they direct replacements an any good?
Ok. so I did the trap door thing to get to the fuel pump/sending unit cause I thought that would be the problem to my fuel gauge not working.......
So I get in there an what do I see......every wire had been chewed on...only one wire (orange one) was left connected for the sending unit, an all the ones to the fuel pump only had maybe 5 little wires inside of the wires still connected I'm surprised the camaro even ran.....
So I went an got new connectors from NAPA (AC DELCO) an soldered/heat shrink wrapped them an now everything is working good as it should.
Now it's time to move to the vibrations/thud from under the car (thinking trans mount)
Glad you found the problem.

Now it's time to move to the vibrations/thud from under the car (thinking trans mount)
Good place to look first.
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