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fuel gauge issues

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im basically done with my lt1 swap, i just wanted a working speedo so i went looking online for a cluster. i purchased one on ebay for really cheap but didnt realize it was an ls cluster, is there any way to make the fuel gauge work, i currently have my stock thirdgen sender with an inline pump. everything says these clusters get all there info from the pcm. but there has to be a way. and nobody puts an lt in there ls car so there is no threads on this. i know you guys are very busy but if someone....anyone could at least point me in a direction i would really appreciate only thought would be to change resistance values but i haven't found a pinout to access the fuel gauge to connect it directly to the sender......i know there is someone willing to help...hell make fun of me a call me a nob thats fine lolz, just lookin for a direction to read in thats all
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The LS1 f-bodies used serial data input to the fuel gauge.

Sell this cluster and get what you can use.
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