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ERE#3 For Sale.....the B-body guys Karl Ellwein’s work quite well ;) .

This engine was recently professionally rebuilt (by Long's Machine Shop, San Antonio, Tx) due to a blown head gasket. The block, crank, pistons and rods were all inspected/cleaned. Block deck was still even but the cylinders were rehoned. Block has zero miles since rebuild.

The engine features the following:

Ohio Crank forged 4340 steel 3.75” crank (re-polished)
Eagle Forged 6.0” H-beam Rods
Mahle Flattop Pistons with -16 Valve Reliefs
Milodon Splayed 4-bolt caps
Clevite Bearings
Mahle Rings
New Stock Oil pan
New Melling M-55 HV oil pump

Custom cam installed; 228/234/110 with .611 lift on both intake and exhaust using 1.6 rockers

11.14:1 static compression ratio if you go with .030" head gaskets and 54cc heads
9.84:1 static compression ratio if you go with .035" head gaskets and 64cc heads

Of course, you can always remove the cam and use what ya want ;).

$3500 + shipped to the 'lower 48' via UPS Freight.


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