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I will have this one all finished up next week and for sale if anyone is interested.
This transmission will fit 82-92 Chevrolets. It will fit V6, V8 and some 4 cylinders as well. Trucks, cars, vans and pretty much anything that came out in 1982-1992. Tailshaft might need to be swapped out to fit your application as well as the speedo gear.

This transmission has a brand new front pump, rear input piston, clutch pack, steels and housing. Also has new low reverse sprag, new 3-4 clatch pack as well as the piston seals that needed replacing. New filter and gasket have been added as well.
This tranny also has a corvette servo in it as well as a mild/semi mild shift kit. This was a AAMCO transmission that was built up with quality parts. I replaced the ones that were wore out or broken with the parts stated above. I have invested $150 in new parts as well as many hours of labor rebuilding it. This transmission should hold up really well to some good HP motors. (Would not reccomend spraying with this transmission though, that is why it failed in the first place. Too much torque.)

No warrenties are offered mostly because I have no way to control what you do with the transmission once you get it.
I would strongly recommend flushing your cooler and replacing the converter (or find some way to flush the converter as well) before intsalling this transmission.
Proper adjustment of the TV cable will need to be done of course and I recommend changing the fluid and filter after the first 100 miles.

I am asking $500 for the transmission and I will deliver it up to 100 miles (from Nashville TN) if needed.
If needed, I will ship and we can work out the details then.
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