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From central MD

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hello my name is charles. i recently purchased a 1994 camaro z28 auto for my next road course project. already have what i am going to do figured out and started working on modding it. right now mostly just maintenance stuff. i also own a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse gt that was my previous road course build but is now my daily.
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Welcome chuck, if interested, 94 factory service manual is available for download in 4th gen section.
THANK YOU!!!! the haynes one is crap lol
right now i have a mess of an electrical issue i have to deal with. 19 year old electronics fun stuff lol
The manual should be just what the doctor ordered, as it has full wiring diagrams, component location diagrams, pcm wiring diagram,etc. In the driveability section, located in same volume as electrical section, your find troubleshooting,charts, component testing, trouble codes and tests when set, etc.

Also might want to download 4th gen parts books. Located in sticky threads of 4th gen section. is another valuable lt1 resource, as are members here.
thanks. already this looks like a great forum lol. i need to get this issue solved soon. current plan is to do one upgrade a month and year after next participate in first road course race with this car. in the mean time my eclipse will see some action this year as long as i have the time.
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