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Warning: I'm new to this :)

I found the 2.07 version but when I run it it just keeps repeating the same thing for 10 min in the status messages window.

I have an SES light but Freescan doesn't show anything in the Trouble Code window.

I can read the ECM with Tunercats so I know my new cable and such is working.

I have Freescan set to read 94 camaro/corvette/Impala. It lists some info (ie 5.7 95 etc etc etc)

Do I need the 2.10 version and if so where can I get it since Andy's link isnt working.

Thanks everyone
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pm me with your e-mail address and I'll send you freescan 2.10 Have you set the correct port for it to respond?
Yup com 3

Sending PM, thanks :)
What OS are you running? I first had issues when I ran the copy cocobolo95 sent me on Windows7 (thanks again Cocobolo!)..

What solved it for me was the following:

Uninstall the current version
Right click on the installer file, select "Properties"
Click on the "Compatability" Tab, check the "Run this program in Compatability Mode" box, and select "Windows NT 4" from the drop down menu.
Doubleclick installer file

After the install, just to be safe, I did the same thing for the icon on the desktop.

Runs a treat after that.
Current Freescan download site . (Not sure how long this one will be available..) FreeScan | Free Communications software downloads at
Now that I think about it, I remember reading off the official freescan site (the link escapes me), is that 2.07 had some coms issues that were resolved in 2.10, which is what cocobolo has.

Another thing I've found through research is that by changing the com port of your cable from Com3 to Com4 in Device Manager I've found it a lot more reliable in Freescan, and TunerPro RT. Bonus is it works fine in DataMaster and TunerCats on Com4 also, so it's a good way to hedge your bets.
Yes DataMaster is a better program then Freescan, but it's only free for 20 data logs, after that you have to pony up about $90.

Yes freescan is an old program that was designed to work on windows 95 & 98. So as Poda says, run it in compatibility mode if using vista, 7, or 8 windows version.
its crazy how many logs 20 is, though

i've just burned off 12 of them even with tuning up from nothing, and using it just to read trouble codes a few times when i was too lazy to find other software.

worth mentioning that tunerpro RT is another reasonably good scanner/logger with built in bin editor, and it's shareware (it just has a nag screen)

and lt1edit's PCMCOMM works too (but it's pretty shoddy)
Yesterday I Dl'ed DataManager and worked great. Turns out my SES light was something minor and I just tuned it out cause I removed the AiR System

I'll give Freescan a try again. The crude has crept back (respiratory infection ugh) and my lungs working overtime today trying to breathe lol.

I'll let ya'll know what happens in a couple days with the advice for Freescan and Win7 and Yes Coco, I got the email, THANKS!
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