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Free power mods

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Anyone have any suggestions and proof of free mods to gain some hp from stock ls-1? any help appreciated. thnx.
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Did u check out the FAQ's?? That's such a common question asked, they went ahead and made a page with free mods, commonly used abbreviations, basic engine specs...the works. Jus click FAQ in the tab bar located top center page under the banner
There's a throttle body bypass, air silencer delete, cat remeoval (dont do that)
Mass air flow screen removal (dont do that either lol )
I think there is onr more but i cant remember it.
The throttle body bypass will prob give u 2-4 horses if even, its an easy simple mod that will take maybe 40 minutes.
I would just do the throttle body bypass free mod wise.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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