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Hello everyone! I have a question for the Fourth Gen Firebird/Trans Am owners. I have a 1996
WS6 Coupe that has the dreaded headlight motor issues. I am looking into using “linear actuators” to open the headlight doors. What I need is the dimensions for travel distance from closed to open positions, the smallest actuator I’ve found is about 6.25” in length and when fully extended, is 8.25” in length. So, about 2 inches of travel. I would most likely have to fabricate a bell crank (quadrant) to make up for any stroke shortage.
So, if anyone happens to have a spare Fourth Gen Headlight bucket assembly laying around, could you find the measurements showing from fully closed to fully open?
I can always take mine out later to do this, I’m at work and my car is at home. Just trying to “brain storm” a solution here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
Ben Smith
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