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For semi-budget turbo LSx 5.3 build are CNC ported heads worth the expense?

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What I mean by "semi-budget" is that I will buy a high mile junk yard 5.3 LSx like a L33 but instead of just plopping it into my car with just a change of ARP head bolts and valvesprings. I want to give it a good rebuilding with a machined crank, upgrade to good stock Gen IV rods like out of a LS3, fresh bearings and rings, fully balanced rotating assembly and ARP fasteners everywhere.

I now that this type question has been asked on other forums and threads but the answers always came back vague and fuzzy.

My power goal is 600 to 700 RWHP in a 1995 Impala SS/Caprice 9C1 daily driven street car.

Bottomline: Are ported stock 799/243 heads or even aftermarket TFS's or AFR's worth the expense on such a build or shall just forget about it apply the money elsewhere and turn up the boost an extra 1 or 2 psi???
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The reason the answer is not clear is because it is opinion based and not factual. It will be up to you to make the decision of if CNC ported heads are worth the expense.

I would say that depending on what turbo you go with you may not need to upgrade the heads to reach your power goals.

If you want straight opinions from others (which again will vary because peoples opinions do), I reccomend giving some more info. What kind of turbo? What budget do you have for everything? How reliable do you want the car? Ect.
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