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Well, after nearly 3months of piddling with the car, I finally fired it up last night and let it run for a few minutes hoping to bleed the cooling system.

I removed the HVAC system and just looped the water pump ends with hose and had to replace the sender in the driver side head since it broke while removing the manifolds.

As I started the car and had the coolant full and the cap off it was no time the gauge in the car is up to 210+, and I know there is no way it is that hot that fast. The fans are set to come on at 180ish and they are not kicking on. I got to verfiry that I plugged back in the sensor in the water pump so the PCM is getting a reading to even kick on the fans but after that I am wondering if I got a faulty sender OR if I got an air pocket that willl not move. I later restarted the car up and it pushed alot of water out of the top. Now since it is a little lower in the radiator I am going to let it run some and make sure the water pump is pumping water thru the radiator.

I do not have a bleed screw on the looped part of the water pump, if that helps anything....

once that is figured out then off to the alignment shop and to the muffler shop to have one of the O2 bungs replaced and part of the exhaust to get welded up. then we will be ready to try out the new front suspension. I put on QA1 shocks/springs and BMR K-member and A-arms.
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