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Few parts. Cam, SS intake, ect.

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Looking to get some parts for my 6 liter car so I'm unloading my old lt1 stuff.

First up is the cam:

Cam is from my old lt1 set up. It sounds good and the car pulled awesome. I would run it in my car again if I was going with the LT1 still, but the car will be a Turbo 370Ci LQ4 set up.
I spun a rod bearing last year which is the biggest reason for it being available. The cam is in usual "used" condition. Lobes look fine and like I said, I'd have no problem running it. I've debated throwing it in my truck, but I don't want to have to do all the necessary upgrades to a stock 305 to run it. Let alone a 305 being small to run it.

I can get pictures emailed to anyone interested.

Cam has roughly 35K miles on it.
I have a rough video of it here:
Ignore the dumb winter comment. lol

I'd like to see $150 out of it but I'm open to offers.

SOLD Ram air intake:

Comes with K&N filter and all the hose clamps. This is for the 97ss style hood. SOLD

Starter: $50 - It's heat wrapped and has a TON of torque.

Engine wire harness- $75 Only 1 wire was cut and that is the oil sensor plug. Everything else is their and intact.

36lb injectors $100. Work great, only reason I'm upgrading is These wont support anywhere near a turbo set up.

If anyone wants pictures pm me and I'll get them over as soon as I can. Everything is coming from a car that ran. Spun a rod bearing and that's the biggest reason I'm getting my ass in gear to get my ls1 car out this summer.
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Holy crap! I left out all the details of the cam! My bad guys.

236/242 .555/.576 on a 112lsa. (Lift is with 1.6 rockers) it's pending payment right now but I haven't heard from the guy in a day or so.
Still no word From the guy. He's got till 6:30 pm central time to get back to me.
How many miles on the injectors? Are they still available?
I would say roughly 20k tops. They were in my car for 17k miles and I bought them off a buddy that had them in his car that got driven maybe a total of 300 miles.
If you havent sold the cam im interested, also what year does that cam fit? would be interested in the injectors as well. let me know at [email protected] thanks
Everything is still up for grabs but the intake. It's pending payment tonight. Sorry for the late replies everyone. I think I got all replies sent out.

Do you have to change the connectors or do they work with the ones that are factory? If so ill take them
All PM's replied.

Intake is sold!
Bumping this back up. All PM's are replied. Sorry for the late replies. 2 and a half year old daughter got sick so I've been dealing with that fun stuff. Still have the cam, injectors, heads and pushrods!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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